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We are family kennel, located in Riga, Latvia. All our wonderful dogs live with good families. At home we have 4 or 5 dogs, not more. They get to run freely in our nearby forest, as we go for an everyday walk with them. Other our dogs are
often co-owned and live with our good friends.

Our first schnauzer quite suddenly and unplanned entered our home in late 1991. She was a 3 months old giant schnauzer named LINDA. Two years later we bought our first miniature schnauzer- a pepper and salt colored bitch STRETA-IRIDI. And thanks to her the great love to this wonderful breed started. Her significant nature, independence and huge confidence fascinated us. There really was a „large dog” in that small body. She truly loved shows and people.

Since I’m an active person as well, we started to attend shows regulary. And the results were not long to wait. Champion awards from many countries, and soon after she became an international champion! But the biggest accomplishment was the victory in FCI World Dog Show in Budapest, 1996. Streta became the best of breed and got the „World Winner ’1996” award. Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. She was the first dog to win such an award from Latvia. A great pride was that she was indeed born here in Latvia!

After such a victory, all my life turned upside down. Suddenly a desire arose to become a serious dog breeder instead of just a dog owner. And thus a miniature schnauzer kennel named HILDEBERT’S was registered in FCI in 1996. And so a serious work began. Matings outside Latvia were specially found and considered.
I set a great aim – to raise my own miniature schnauzer like Streta.

In our opinion, a miniature schnauzer has to be voluminous, but elegant in the same time, with a harsh coat. Of course with a great temperament, but not hysteric, ready to work and play, confident and being able to calm down when needed. But the main point- be healthly!